April. 7, 2010

Dear Members and Associates of EAFAE,


I regret to inform you that Madam Dr. Therese Shak (Honorary Member of EAFAE and originally Coordinator of Adult Education of Hong Kong Caritas in the 80's and 90's,) had passed away in late March.


She was one of the most important pioneer in Hong Kong Adult Education history. I was under her leadership when she was the Chairperson of the Hong Kong Association for Continuing Education in late 70s when I was still working in Hong Kong (and Macau Association for Permanent Education was only found in 1994). And I attended the first ASPBAE conference in Bali, Indonesia in 1979 together with her. ( and some other senior adult educators like: Hwang Jong-kwon of Korea, Heribert Hinzen of Germany,Lim Hoy-pick of Singapore....etc.)


Just recently, our EAFAE is cooperating with Therese to publish her book " Lifelong Education: Consensus in Characteristics & Practice" and books are already printed in Macau and ready to give out to all EAFAE members and Associates free-of-charge since Therese was so generous to sponsor the printing fee of her book.


EAFAE will help to deliver her books to all of you when the ISBN number is appoved by the Macau governement.

However, may I share my respect and memory to this honorable pioneer of Adult Education in East Asia with you all.


Lawrence Tsui