International Conference on Educating City

held on 26th - 28th September, 2008

Date:       September 26-28, 2008
Place:      Changwon Convention Center (CECO) Changwon City, Korea

Participating Cities: Korea–Changwoncity,

Participating Institutions and Associations:
International Association of Educating Cities
East Asia Forum of Adult Education
National Institute for Lifelong Education
The Korean Society for the Study of Lifelong Education
Korea Federation for Lifelong Education

Executive Committee Members of the East Asia Forum of Adult Education (EAFAE) at the ‘International Conference on Educating & Learning City, Changwon, 2008’ Korea were:
Honorary President:                      Professor KIM Shin-il (Korea)
President:                                     Professor TSUI Lawrence (Macau)         
Vice President in Korea:               Professor CHOI Don-min
Vice President in Singapore: Professor KUAN Thomas
Vice President in Hong Kong: Dr. LEE Victor
International Convoy:                Professor CONFESSORE Gary
Members:                                    Professor CHOI Un-shil
                                                        Professor THAM Kong Foo
                                                        Professor KYUNG Hi Kim
                                                        Professor WONG Ramli
                                                        Dr. COLLINS John
                                                        Professor HAN Soong Hee

Issue:    1      Fostering Right to Learn
                2      Fostering Citizenship Building
                3      Fostering City as Community Making

                1      Fostering Right to Learn:
(1)    What can be the city’s tasks or strategies in fostering all people’s right to learn, regardless of age, gender, class, cultural backgrounds, disability?
                        (2)    Should ‘right to learn’ limited to formal learning or should it expand to informal and nonformal learning?
                        (3)    Describe or lay out some ways for the city to make best of the   given socio-cultural facilities and institutions so that not just formal but also informal and nonformal learning can be facilitated.
   (4)    How do foster people to participate in learning with willingness rather than being forced or pressed to learn?
(5)    Which kind of learning will lead to further humanization and democratization of the city?

2      Fostering Citizenship Building
        (1)    What’s the difference between learning to act as a citizen and learning to be socialized as a mere consumer of learning?
        (2)    How can city foster people to engage in learning to act as citizens?
        (3)    What is it like for citizens to learn for social purpose or social meaning?
        (4)    How can city foster citizens to learn to share social purpose or social values?

3      Fostering City as Community Making
        (1)    How can city promote people to learn to make city as a community, not just a place to work and live but a space for co-living and co-working  which enables mutual flourishing and co-existence?
        (2)    What’s the difference between understanding-oriented learning and success-oriented learning?
        (3)    How can city foster understanding-oriented learning so as to strengthen people’s mutual trust and network?
        (4)    How can city promote people to learn to respect each person’s cultural intelligence?
        (5)    How can city foster people to learn to recognize equality of differences?