Historical background of EAFAE

In order to maintain a regular and systematic contact in sharing the experience of
providing adult education, which is also known as social education in some East
Asian countries, the Japanese and Korean adult educators have already started
their annual seminar since 1990. The Korea-Japan annual function has been proved
very fruitful in promoting adult education between the two countries. Consequently,
they want to further develop this successful experience in North East Asia. There were
nine persons, including three from Japan, two from Korea, two from Taiwan, one from
Hong Kong and one from Macau, participated in the discussion which held from 23 rd
to 25 th December, 1993 in Hakone, Japan. In response to the increasing need of
sharing experience and the rapidly expanding regional-wide interest in adult
education, all the participants at the meeting had agreed to form a special "Forum"
to serve the said purpose.

In response to the need, a gathering named East Asia Forum For Adult Education
(EAFAE) was formed on 25 th December, 1993 in Hakone, Japan. There is only
individual membership in EAFAE but with institutional patrons. Individual membership
is opened to all administrators, organizers, teachers and other personnel such as
lectures; instructors, extension workers, tutors, trainers or the like who are engaged
in or concerned with the education and training of adults in East Asia. Institutional
patronship is to all institutions, organizations and agencies which are engaged in
offering programs, courses and activities for adult education and training. EAFAE is a
self- financing body, its financial resources may include General Donation, Donations
from Institutional Patrons and Membership Annual Subscriptions.